From The Ashes Of Empire

by Kommodus

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darkenedspirit thumbnail
darkenedspirit This third demo is the most infamous with the pure raw and filthy sound. The Underground Black Metal scene can count on Kommodus for spread the disease and the filth. It's dirty and dry, good riffs and pure disgusting production, and this, for our greatest happiness.
Brian3737 thumbnail
Brian3737 Really great riffs, interesting songwriting and concepts; this artist’s work gives me the same feeling I have watching All Quiet on the Western Front. Everything is in black and white; it’s bleak but beautiful. The first and last tracks take you back to a different time. This feels like someone transplanted black metal to a bygone era.
Ädäm thumbnail
Ädäm This record is peppered with strong song structures and some interesting experimental stuff and at the same time it sounds raw and filthy as underground black metal has to. Any questions? Favorite track: Rituals Of The Incestuous Shadow Colony.
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Demonstration III. Goatowarex.

‘From The Ashes Of Empire' was recorded in fragments of madness throughout the winter of MMXVIII.

The black metal contained within this third demonstration weaves a yearning of a romanticised, ancient past, a bitter resentment of the present, and a thoroughly pessimistic outlook on the future. It is often prophesised that we are living in the end times, and scientifically all evidence corroborates this. When taking even a cursory glance at the contemporary world around us, I can’t help but agree. The widespread erosion of culture, of identity, of tradition. Opposing opinion to the rhetoric of the day deemed anathema. Social and political efforts so preposterous they’d be humorous if not considered dogma by their evangelical espousers and the pandering culture which dotes upon them. With no great war, colossal disaster, or widespread disease to confront or purge us, we internally conflict, theorise, and exacerbate everything we can, desperate for some great crusade to assign our lives and time purpose and meaning. There is none. The planet is subject to the siege of overpopulation, industry, pollution, and the relentless expending of its finite resources. And we suffer the reaction, as Earth seeks to cure that which ails it. Like crops in bad soil, we are growing weaker, increasingly troubled, and afflicted. With mental illnesses and suicide rates escalating dramatically in ostensibly the most civilised, progressive, and peaceful era our species has known, I draw no other conclusions. We are dispossessed, we are disenfranchised, and we are displaced. We can contest this, we can learn, grow, and conquer in our twilight, and we should. But the fact remains, humanity no longer fits. And so here I offer eight hymns which reflect back to our golden standard, and which also howl and cackle in the face of our inevitable, impending oblivion.


released October 14, 2018

All music written and performed by Lepidus Plague (with the exception of drums and war horn performed by Magnus T.R.J, trumpet performed by Count Hoggeth Palmeri (A.H), and the track ‘Lord Of The Storms' credited to Mortiis, Ihsahn, and Samoth.

Engineered and mixed by Count Hoggeth Palmeri. Additional engineering by S.S, Liam Kriz, and Lepidus Plague.

Mastered by Liam Kriz.

Illustrations by Lepidus Plague.

Insert and back-cover photos by K.B.

Formatting and Layout by J.R (dictated by Lepidus Plague).

Kommodus is: The Infernal Emperor - Lepidus Plague


all rights reserved



Kommodus Australia

Howling for armageddon.

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Track Name: Piercing Thine Armour With Arrows Of Fire
An acrid sky eclipsed by our attack
A storm of hellfire under the black sun
Our enemies are our prey, like lambs to wolves
When we draw our bows and light the flame

Piercing thine armour with arrows of fire

Shields splintered and armour punctured
By our blistering wave of raining death
Flames burn intensifying chaos and destruction
Mars propelling us with a divine firestorm assault

The smouldering wounded lay scattered and conquered
Their bloodied bodies pinned to the ground
Driving our swords in their charred and penetrated flesh
Making sure we witness their final gasping breath

And we march onwards, bringing flame and steel
To all those who oppose us, to all those who will not yield
Hoc Est Bellum
Track Name: Glacial Ossuary
A victors celebration of butchery and carnage
A preservation of monuments from the battlefield
Remnants mounted, displayed in morbid exhibition
In a chamber buried by millennia of winter frost

And the specters howl and moan
In their frostbitten tundra tomb
Warrior Spirits trapped forever
Together in an icy womb

Skulls stacked high as pillars, mounds of ribs and spines
Crude carvings on bone recall of an ancient war
A mass grave dug, a grotto prepared beneath the snow
A ritual of respect for an ancient race slain in combat

And the specters howl and moan
A forgotten carried by a breeze
Apparitions of ice claw at their prison
Begging to escape

The sun shines brighter, and a rise in temperature is slowly felt
And inch by inch, layer by layer, centuries of frost starts to melt
In a distant future that you and I won’t live to see
An older world will be punished by those emerged from the ossuary
Track Name: The Cult Of The Harlot Rises
Effigies erected to a new breed of prophet
Silver-tongued merchants of slander and deceit
Turning brother against brother, divide and conquer
Pandered to, infallible, followed with blind absolution

Deface honoured monuments, dismantle all institutions
Thousands of years of history rewritten or ignored
A forced redemptive suffering, a failing spiritual hygiene
Through the fissures of our zeitgeist the great whore will ascend

Together we can watch the world regress and burn
Under a bitter, unified, hatred of man
Warriors defamed, castrated and slain at her whim
Bow down to the new god, one of shedding skin

The cult of the harlot rises
We’re now slaves to all her desires
The cult of the harlot rises
Of the souls of men, she lights her fires
Track Name: Rituals Of The Incestuous Shadow Colony
Rise - full moon over Latium

They gather, cloaked, infected, exiled
Bastard bloodlines of dark dynastic power
Marred through worship of the black
Clawing up from the abyss of carrion

Candle lit hymns, to ironbound gods forgotten
The laborum inverted, painted in crude hand
Lycanthropic incest, bloodlust, and sacrifice
Bodies splayed and torn, the chalice overflows

Thine end is near, archaic efforts doubled but dire
To appease a patron divinity turning deaf
Flesh rotting, scorned, an archaic mutant breed
Eclipsed by an unyielding world’s progression

The empire relinquishes the two brothers and the wolf
And embraces an eye for eye, and a tooth for a tooth
Whispers of Golgotha and the stations of the cross
But within the shadows, a requiem is scored for a colony soon to be lost
Track Name: Forfeiting Flesh And Spirit
Choking on gas, ash clouds, bullets and mortars fire
Brothers torn and strewn, ensnared by barbed wire
Forgetting who I am, forgetting everything I know
Spirit shatters, poison spreads, dysphoria, amnesia grows

A different man returns, than the soldier who left for war
Memories forgotten, a pact annulled, exempt from the devil’s jaw
But dark fragments come creeping in, outside gathers a storm
Confrontation, cold sweat, approached by an evil that’s taken form

The Sword of Damocles raised above my head
A dark apparition at the foot of my bed

And now I’m at the end of a hangman’s rope
My everlasting soul, claimed by the goat

My body, a dead weight hanging from the roof
The last thing I hear is the tap of a cloven hoof
Track Name: Lord Of The Storms (Emperor)
Earthquakes are breaking the silence,
a vision of hate.
A wicked, foul spell of evil.
Dark winds command the throne.
Cleansed by the evil hand,
a crusade of the burning land.
A servant in the shape of a snake
blackens the bodies red.
Then it appears, the storming wind,
a challenging scar burns through the light.
A cloud of darkness prepared for me
to complete the circle of death.
The serpent gains mastery of the wind
through the storms and through the streaming snow.
Sorrow blackens the Earth when the Moon fades.
Dark winds command the throne.
Earthquakes are breaking the silence,
a vision of hate.
A wicked, foul spell of evil.
Dark winds command the throne.
Cleansed by the evil hand,
a crusade of the burning land.
An embrace from Death.
Track Name: The Inheritance Of Trauma
...with a lineage of guilt and torment
The winds of regret never cease their lifelong torrent

Bloodlines of...
Rest atop my shoulders
Genes of victim and aggressor
I heave the Sisyphean boulder
I’m burdened by the blood that flows in my veins
I’m sentenced to existence, a subject for pain

We will never heal
We will never be forgiven

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