Howling Sanguine Triumph

by Kommodus

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*The origins of Rome and the link between first king and first emperor* A hate-bred conception A shameful birth, twins discarded, left to perish Fate ordains a rescue from the tide by a she-wolf Protected in her cave, the obsidian orifice of origin: The Lupercal Raised by the lupine matriarch, they grow, forged in the fires of war This is the rise of the Lupercalian He that leaps over my battlements shall perish Brother strikes down brother, the first king crowned, from the dirt he ascends To find the first kingdom, to find Rome, lighting the beacon Raising the world from the dark, marching his armies, carving his mark Centuries pass, a palace is built atop the cave The Emperor, first citizen, communes with mother-wolf Romulus and Augustus, linked by birthplace of empire Lupercalian spirits rise to the heights of immortal legacy Possessed with the lupine spirit to conquer Possessed by war, possessed by fire, and desire
*The swan song of the brave legion* The final stand of the cursed, exiled, forgotten Perishing in stages of decay, but fierce with no fear of death Plagued with bloodied step and rotten stump, they limp onwards To fight and die with honour, to redeem their souls for heaven March to battle leper legion A song muffled, masked by stained bandage, cloaked in torn rag A moving choir, moaning their requiem The most lethal of the empire, doomed fodder, craving battle All shall fall before the leper legion, harbingers of death All wanting to fight, to bleed, to die first, dragging themselves through the black sand To the frontline, to break life's cruel curse, this decrepit and infected warrior band In the bloodied dunes is where the corpses lay Defeated and piled, in a mass desert grave But now their spirits rise up to the fields of Elysium Renewed in the afterlife, the brave, glittering, leper legion
*A prayer for victory to thy ancestral patron god, Aeolus* Exhale, engulf us with protection and providence Blow a deep breath, ensure our fleet naval dominance Aeolus, our father Aeolus, our defender Aeolus Spoil the wine-dark waters where our opponents lurk and dare Sink them with obsidian whisper, let their hulls crack, their sails tear Ensure the supremacy of your children, lend victory to our fight From atop your jagged rock throne, sentinel of ancient might Aeolus, hear my prayer, knelt at your shrine where waves roar and crash Give us strength, patron divine, make our enemies cower when our ships do clash God of wind, lord of storms, battle alongside the people of your isle We request your presence in battle, us people of your isle Aeolus, emerge from your stoney cave hollowed in the face of the summit Armed with holy gust and triumphant gale, let our adversary plummet


Three hymns to war, sacrifice, and destruction.
Split with Grógaldr, recorded in winter MMXIX.
Listen to Grógaldr tracks at:
Coming soon on cassette and 12" via Goatowarex.


released July 31, 2019

All music written and performed by Lepidus Plague (with the exception of drums performed by Magnus T.R.J, trumpet performed by Count Hoggeth Palmeri, additional vocals on track one by R. A, and additional vocals on track two by Kastighater Inekstremis).


all rights reserved



Kommodus Australia

Howling for armageddon.

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