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Wreath Of Bleeding Snowfall

by Kommodus

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Shattered forth from a glacial womb Seeded under wings of winter storm Pulsing and writhing in embryonic Aurora A gleaming dragon new-born Birthed from a chrysalis of ice Its lair burrowed in the highest icy peak Watching man spew shadow and pain A winter serpent seasoning into adulthood From the ice it was spawned and for the ice it will reign The sky glittering hail with its passing Returning to its haunt after glimpsing war This species it shares this world with Destined to destroy the realm and more Now legacy and lineage will be incinerated by blue fire As the dragon takes its flight, flapping its wings, ascending higher Travelling further to the encroaching dominion of men Unleashing an arctic furnace, ensuring they meet their end
A nocturnal peregrination, a moonlit wandering Preternatural fear provoked, an uneasy lingering sense Heart beats like a mechanical drum, a vicious confrontation in sight To meet an end in rabid frenzy, prey to a stalker of the night Metamorphosis and mutilation leaves a bleeding and butchered Mauled by malevolence, by a flesh and blood engine of wrath Gore spreads like crimson roots in the soft and falling snow Causality of the winter moon’s phosphorus conjuring glow Slaughtered in the moonlight Devoured by indomitable feral will A death becomes a number becomes a story they will tell Of a trail in the woods where those rumoured have fell Ripped by yellowed teeth, blood pooled in icy sleet Human meat for a beast, full moon shining at its peak In the moonlight They go missing
The campaign stole years from us, the enemy fought tirelessly We conquered but lost so many, a fruitless victory Now the blistering journey home, from icy edges of frontier Exhausted, wounded, caught in a blizzard, looks like the end is near Alas fortune favours us, destiny marks us For as we blindly forge, we discover a whale carcass So near the ocean sobers, we’ve circled and wandered in vain Tonight’s haven however, a carrion tomb, within we nurse our pain And so we carve and we chisel blubber and hunks of flesh To gore ourselves a cocoon and be saved from the brink of death The blizzard howls and moans like a beast desperate for it’s prey Beating at the walls tonight until the break of day But at this twilight we are safe, within our rotting haven This encounter proving fate has deemed our lives worth saving
Sky Fortress 05:03
The prince has matriculated And been rewarded With his very own kingdom Overlooked by a sky fortress A magnificent pillar high above the sea of clouds Where he can gaze the people of his shepherd A floating tower, sentinel of altruism and safeguard For the adolescent royal to prosper safe and unscarred And maybe I could join him too And together we could view The dawn of us all from a legendary past The forming of ego, from where war is cast The rise and fall of empires and men The survivors rebuilding to do it again And we would see it all From the sky fortress
The steel blue sky streaked by lightning strikes As the apparition reforges his sword of frost The tundra winds echo triumphant as the winter weapon mends Now the icy blade gleams and the wraith wars once again An unlikely protagonist, the saviour none envisioned Under no banner he marches, above the tainted works of men Heart wreathed with contrition, he resolves to save the weak Conflict for the ages, against overwhelming odds, outlook bleak And this is the last imposition of his will To forge amends for his sins and remain fighting still With a blade clutched in his hand, he rides out on his saddle To redeem himself in war and slay his foe in battle Wielding the sword, he now defends those in another life he condemned The wraith fighting on their side and protecting all of humankind
Spurred with stalactites, spinning wheels extend permafrost A sonic aurora blast from war horn, declaration, the battle begins And on this hallowed arctic battlefield who dares wins And two titanic armies clash Circled by chariots of frost Headed by deer snorting icy fire Soundtracked by cataclysmic choir Winter apparitions contact and cleave, wounds bleeding sleet A northern lit sky tears open, hailing on this apocalyptic soap opera Countless bodies fall, retreating back into tundra, into slumber And for the victorious let there ring a brief rolling thunder Now drowsiness creeps, sea-saw lazily to sleep, like snowflakes falling from a mountain steep And both victor and slain, return to glacial graves
Tundra winds howl ferocious, hail shattering down Can’t glimpse what lays ahead, but I can hear the sound An enormous ancient cry Resounding through the winter storm Now through the frosted tempest I begin to see A gargantuan shape lumbering towards me A bellowing colossus Silhouetted within the blizzard The earth does shake and the avalanches fall As the ageless giant moves within his squall Unsure if near-death vision or a mythic sight In goliath shadow, there’s no use to run or fight Though of my presence he seems not to notice And so luck favours for I’m frozen with hypnosis Walking forward in his kingdom, extending his glacial reign It's hoped he’s a guardian, not a harbinger of pain


Wreath Of Bleeding Snowfall is a full moon winter saga. Narrative fantasies of bloodied battles, legendary dreamscapes, ferocious beasts, violence, redemption, and survival, shaped into eight tracks which both condense and elaborate on the style honed over the prior nine releases. Thematically, the record explores death and rebirth. The wolf (that which is ferocious and untamed within us) tested and killed in the blistering cold, in order for something stronger, more meditative, spiritually attuned, and wiser to rise. An aspirational release of re-carving, re-honing, and reforging. This album is dedicated to all those who have fought their battles, discovered their inner-strength, and turned their pain into something glorious.

To be released on all formats via Goatowarex.


released July 18, 2023

All music written and performed by Lepidus, with the exception of:

Session drums and cello performed by Magnus. War horns performed by Count Hoggeth Palmeri and Koreltsak. Violin and additional guitar solos by Burier. Additional guitar solos by T.H.

Additional vocals by the Kommodus horde:

Joel (Wretched World), R.P, Break Everything, S.A.W, Koreltsak, Magnus, and Burier.

Tape recording by Count Hoggeth Palmeri.

Additional synthesiser, sample mutation, and noise recording with Duke Harrison.

Engineered and mixed by Liam Kriz.

Mastered by Liam Kriz.

Cover artwork by Burier.

Additional artwork by Burier, Rotting Reign, Devin Beck, S.A.W, and Lepidus.

Formatting and Layout by Burier.

Kommodus is: – Lepidus.


all rights reserved



Kommodus Australia

Contact for conspiracy: kommoduswolf@gmail.com

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